Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a fine life?

Hey, look at me! I'm entering the blogosphere. (Thanks JoSue!) I had no idea how stressful it could be. Right off the bat, I had to think of a title. A title? I didn't want it to be too specific. Or too cute. I wanted it to include whatever topic I wanted to yammer on about. So, Sunday, Nat and I were playing Scrabble while the musical "Oliver!" was on tv. One of the musical numbers sung by Nancy (the sweet and way too good for him) girlfriend of Bill Sykes (the scruffy and mean, bad guy) comes on. She sings as she's working the crowd at the pub "It's a Fine Life." So half-listening and trying to come up with a triple-word score---(it takes every neuron working at full power to beat Nat)--I thought that "It's a Fine Life" would encompass everything I wanted.

After JoSue helped me get the blog set up, I came home and wondered what the rest of the words said. In my mind it was just "'s a Fine Life!'s a Fine Life!

Thanks to today's technology I found the rest of the song.

The other lyrics: "If you don't mind having to go without things, it's a fine life!"
[Yeah. That makes sense. Life isn't about "things".]

The song continues, "If you don't mind taking it like it turns out, it's a fine life!"
[So far, so good. We don't always get to say how things are going to turn out. But life can still be good.]

Then comes, "If you don't mind rats bringing the plague in, it's a fine life!"
[The plague?....Really?]

Hmmm...well....that could put a damper on things a bit.

I think I can change the title if I need to.


  1. yeah for sister d's blog!!! i'm so excited!

  2. Hi Sister D!

    I'm very excited that you now have a blog. I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

    Aaron Wilkinson

  3. Doc D,
    What a wonderful photo to start a blog with.....and the perfect name to go with it. I will keep checking your blog. So far it looks like you are off to a fine start.
    I need to start making dolls again to get my mind off of how much I miss Utah.

    Kiss Lenny and Frank for us,


  4. Hi Jewels, I like your blog. Very clever. I plan to be a loyal follower. See you across the Scrabble board... Nat

  5. Sweet! Welcome to the blogging world!

    You can follow Peggy at or

  6. I suppose I should join in on the commenting! The best part about blogging is the comments. I love the new template you chose and it seems like you are getting the hang of things! Even putting links into your're a pro! Let me know if you have any more questions. We're thinking about you today on your last Sunday in the 29th ward. Hope the day was joyful. You'll be happy to know you are a link on my blog now!

  7. What fun! I'll be checking your work often. My blog's at

  8. HUZZAH! Thanks for commenting so I could find your blog! It IS a fine life, ain't it!

  9. Les.....I love it! Looking forward to reading every post you make. Don't worry i'll make a comment on every one!:)