Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No, Virginia....

Me. Santa. 1962.

When I was about 8-years old, my friend, Jo Maxfield told me that my dad, a Texaco owner, was Santa.

I remember thinking something like, "You mean the gas station is just a front?"
No.... She said that her dad was Santa, too.

Then she told me about sex.

So...dear blog reader, how did You find out?

 About Santa, that is.


  1. My older brother told me. But he wouldn't tell my younger sister because my parents said that when Mary Jane found out there was no Santa, we wouldn't have Christmas anymore. She's 54 and still believes.

  2. Cousin Greg told me when I went to visit Aunt Teri one time. He also mentioned the tooth fairy but strangly didn't say a word about the Easter Bunny.

  3. I think the conversation went something like this..
    Me at age 9 to big sister: "I haven't told Santa what I want for Christmas yet."
    Big Sister: "Just tell Mom."
    Me being dense: "Why?"

  4. I was nine or ten when my sister, who was four years older than me, told me that there was no Santa. What I remeber being upset about was knowing there were no reindeer, as I always left carrots on the mantle for the reindeer to eat. The thought of having reinedeer on our roof ( we lived in Los Angeles) once a year was thrilling to me. I didn't want that magic to be gone. Okay, I was a little upset about Santa too, but I cared more for the reindeer.

  5. I have zero memories of believing in Santa. We watched our father dress up every year for the annual ward Christmas party. I caught on very early. Merry Christmas.

  6. I just found out by reading the Dicou's blog!!! Merry Christmas. Been thinking about you guys.