Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And They Call the Wind Mariah

A short way into today's ride---Manistique to Escanaba 52 miles---we began to see a break in the clouds and a little bit of blue sky peeping through. Turns out we were trading out the rain for wind.

We bucked a headwind a good portion of the day. Mike and I took off so we could get to Escanaba in time for Mike Roon to take us to the airport to catch a 4:52pm flight to Detroit, then home to Salt Lake City. The leaders of our church were being changed, and we wanted to be there.

Breakfast at Big Boy. This is the third dressed up moose I've seen standing outside of a business.

A charming centerpiece. Do you think Martha Stewart can see the decorative potential of bike helmets?

A message to the Rain Gods... Maybe we should have been more specific.

Loren and I are twinners in our Maine jerseys

Why don't we just sit and chat a spell?

The Escanaba Airport. Our plane had room for 22 passengers.

Escanaba Standard Time?

For more photos go here.

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  1. What an incredible journey you are on! All of the photos make me homesick... Michigan is such a beautiful state. Lots to see and do--love the photography. It tells many stories. Maybe one day we will return there.

    Glad to see you guys are seeing what life has to offer. We are doing the same in Fort Collins right now, only, not on our bikes. :) Just our car and feet.

    Glad I stopped by!