Monday, June 16, 2014

Why can't you do what normal people do?

asked my daughter when I told her we were signing up for a 3700-mile cross-country bicycle ride.
Well...we know several people who have ridden their bikes from coast to coast....they seem us.

So we are hoping to check off a bucket list item. We have signed up with America By Bicycle to ride "Across America North". We will ride 50 days averaging about 80 miles per day with 40 other questionably "normal" people. Amongst the riders are 6 women and 36 men. To help us along the way are six ABB staff members with three vans. They take our luggage in one of the vans and give us a cue sheet that tells us how to get to the next motel. Along the way during the day they offer water and snacks at the SAG stops, and mechanical help with the bikes.

Here we are at the Ceremonial Wheel Dip in the Pacific Ocean. The rear tire is dunked here, with the idea that the front tire will be dunked in the Atlantic Ocean in August.


  1. Looks like you guys are already having fun!

  2. What a cool picture. Love the ship wreck!