Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life on the Road

We now have two days of riding under our belts. We are in Welches, Oregon. Officially we have ridden 174 miles. Most of it in the rain. Ridiculously "couldn't-be-wetter-if-we-were-standing-in-our-shower" rain. We are wearing shower caps over our helmets to help keep our heads dry. We are having a blast. Seriously.

A typical day on a bike tour: Get up at 6:00am. Eat. Load luggage in van. Start riding about 7:00am. Ride to first SAG (Snacks and Gab/Supplies and Gear, basically a feed station). Eat. Ride to a diner to eat lunch. Ride to afternoon SAG. Eat. Ride to motel. Clean bikes, and dry everything out while thinking about eating. Meet for rap (the meeting where we go over the next day's ride and places to eat). Eat dinner. Go back to room and lay out clothes for tomorrow. Go to bed by 8:30 because we are so exhausted.

                        Here we are being instructed on stuff to regularly check on our bikes.

There have been some pretty big hills to climb, but nothing like those we had to haul ourselves up when we cycled in New England.  We rode on a great bike path today that ran between the Columbia River and the Portland Airport. A coyote ran right out in front of us then disappeared into the thick brush. 

There is an amazing amount of wood chunks and chips along the side of the road. Logging trucks go whizzing by sometimes alarmingly close. Here are stacks of logs in a lumberyard.

A good head's up as we contemplate our journey.

                                   I'm a sucker for anything colorful on the side of a garage.

Our first day on the road was sooo rainy. It was like riding in my shower.
I was filthy. Look close.

                                                            Along the Columbia River.

Where Dr. Seuss got his trees.

I love bridges. Perhaps because I come from a landlocked state.

Hey look! I have a branch office in Scappoose, Oregon. 
Looks like we need to buy some vowels. 
And some consonants.

Some alumni brought Voodoo Donuts to our second SAG today.
Very thoughtful. It was hard to choose only one.


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    1. Hopefully you don't end up with webbed feet :)

  2. Sorry Anne. I didn't mean to remove your comment. I don't know how to put it back :)

  3. Is it possible to find a warm restroom for a brief respite? :)