Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boise, ID---Day Off

"Everybody's gone surfin'. Surfin' USA." ---Beach Boys

A fabulous day off in Boise, Idaho. What do you do on a day off on a bike ride like this? Well, let's see...we did laundry, cleaned our bikes, got new gearing at the bike shop to help me get over the mountains, reorganized our luggage, bought two different bandana/cooling towel contraptions to help us stay cool, (heat is coming) and, of course, we went for a bike ride! (Only because we had a day off Sunday, so we're pretty well-rested now.)

I am very impressed with Boise. I had no idea it is such a lovely city. We rode along the Boise River Greenbelt which coincidentally follows the Boise River, and links eight parks all named after women community leaders. Most of today's pics are from that ride. Check out what we saw:

Giraffes at Zoo Boise
Totally unexpected!

Surfers---Yes in Boise!
Who knew? Look closely.

Sign of the Day:
Kids: "Officer, we weren't jumping. We were dropping."
Officer: "Sorry kids, it says right on the sign no dropping."

How do you surf from a bridge?

Our latest road hazard.

Boise River

Whole Foods thinks of everything.
This is the Free Air and Repair stand outside their store.
There are bike tools attached to the back side of the pole, too.

Tomorrow a 53-mile ride to Mountain Home, Idaho. Sounds like a pleasant place to live.


  1. The dropping sign needs to be added to the Salem Park bridge. Lots of dropping goes on there!

  2. Low gears, high cadence, you are set!

  3. Whole foods shout out! Hope you bought something while there to help support the cause :)

  4. Clark and I were born in Boise. ;)

    My parents and Grandpa grew mint on their farm back when Boise was mostly fields. This past summer my dad took me to their old farm house and mint field, which was still there, and the smell was incredible. I hope you got to ride on some back roads past a mint field and breathe it in too. Certainly better than the smell of a dairy farm!

    Enjoy Idaho! I'm jealous you are there!