Saturday, June 28, 2014

Twin Falls, ID to Burley, ID

"We are the champions, we are the champions..."  ----Queen

The wind gods love us! At least, today they do. Another absolutely amazing dream-come-true for any cyclist. Winds at our back, and again, pedaling along at crazy fast speeds for how much work we're doing. It feels like cheating, but it is so awesome.

This morning at load we were given the scavenger hunt list with 15 items.

There was a lot more lingering in the parking lot. Usually as soon as our luggage is in the van the parking lot clears out quickly. Not today. Teams were studying the lists and developing strategies. Our team consisted of Dave Goltermann from Chicago,  Doug Waltermire from Castle Rock, Colorado, Mike, and me. Only a few blocks out and we hit our first yard sale of the day. We were hoping that some of the items could be found that way.

We had some sight-seeing to do though before we left Twinkie, my daughter's term of endearment for this town.

Shoshone Falls. Wow!

Have you noticed almost no one uses clotheslines anymore? Dave's sharp eye spotted a clothesline with clothespins actually hanging on it. Hmmmm....two pick up trucks in the driveway, and big dogs barking. After some deliberation I walked down the gravel driveway and knocked on the door. My plan was to explain that we were on this coast to coast bike ride, that today was a short day, and they were trying to keep us busy. So, I knock on the door, a big golden retriever comes out of the gigantic doggie door to greet me. No answer. I tried again. Still no answer. A few steps away hung the clothespins. I took one clothespin and under another clothespin on the line I clipped a dollar bill. I thought it was a very fair trade. One item checked off the list.

Mike grabs a flower off of a potato plant/bush.
We thought it would be worth extra credit.
It wasn't.

We were told there was extra credit for creativity. Of course, for us that means it turned into SCAVENGER HUNT ON STEROIDS.  We couldn't stop at just one popsicle stick. Oh no. We went to the craft store and bought a couple hundred. We, then, proceeded to build Fort Burley---suitable for any 5th grade Idaho history project.

Building Fort Burley.
Yes, we bought a glue gun, too.

While looking for a craft store that sold popsicle sticks Dave happened to ask a somewhat random woman named Karen if she had any pretty rocks (also, on the list). Karen gave us this incredulous look, walked around to her trunk, started fishing through a bunch of stuff and revealed a box full of hand-painted rocks which she had painted herself: an owl, a beetle, a frog, a cottage, a Swiss Cheese and mouse set. What?? How is it that we happened to ask the one woman in Burley with a trunk load of painted rocks if she had any rocks?? Bizarre. Dave insisted she take some money for them and we chose the cheese/mouse set.

Mike pointing out all the features of Fort Burley.
We incorporated each item from the list.
Our tour leader Jeff Lazer was the chief judge.

Our Masterpiece

The winners!
Our team name: Mitt and the Domestiques
(Doesn't Dave look like Mitt Romney?)
Also, we had team jerseys and caps.

We won a box of random stuff: cream for saddle sores, tootsie rolls, little trophies, some wrist cooling wraps, some kazoos, and whistles. Also, bragging rights and the privilege of being first in line at dinner for one week. Victory is sweet.

The best part was that we laughed our heads off all day long. Oh, and we rode 51 miles.


  1. This was right up your alley Les...YOU LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF...kinda like your creative scrapbooking:)

  2. I knew from the start the other teams were doomed. Congratulations!