Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mountain Home, ID to Twin Falls, ID

"I just wanna celebrate another day of livin'."----Rare Earth Greatest Hits (1971)

and another day of posting near-century mileage. 97 miles today with 2350' climbing (not much). We weren't expecting the fabulous vistas today. We were on a plateau looking down into the Snake River Valley much of the day. We started riding at 6:30am and finished our ride at 1:45pm, pedaling almost the entire time except for very brief photo stops and maybe 30 minutes spent at the two SAG stops. We didn't stop for a real lunch, only snacks. I don't usually do well when I don't keep shoveling in the groceries. So by the end of the ride I was famished. Our assigned time for dinner was 4:00-7:00pm at the Golden Corral a 1/2 mile walk away. We couldn't get there fast enough (in my mind). Felt a lot better after eating. And a nap.

Luggage Load

Up on top of the plateau, starting to drop down into the valley.

Beauty everywhere.

At the Fossil Bed Overlook.
The sign says "fossil bones of zebras, beaver, otter, pelicans
and other water birds are found in the sediments left from
a 3.4 million year old pond on the bluff across the river."
Zebras? Cool.

Sometimes the sky is the vista.

We could see a storm coming.
We were trying to outrun it.
About 10 seconds after snapping this photo,
it started sprinkling on us.

Some of our riders saw base jumpers hopping off this bridge
as we entered Twin Falls. A 3000' drop.

Selfie at the Bridge.
I bought a new rear-view mirror to wear on my glasses.
Now I can see behind me and read the cue sheet.

Tomorrow we have a very short day---39 miles, but we'll be experiencing a first on a bike trip. They are having a scavenger hunt. We have organized ourselves into teams of four or five. The list is to be handed out in the morning at luggage load. Can't remember the last time I did a scavenger hunt. Should be fun.


  1. Great day...and you two look happy. I'm still jealous. Gotta are the sit downs?

  2. Your Little Red jersey looks awesome! So do you two! I too am jealous. Be safe and continue to enjoy!

  3. What is it about bridges? Amazing structures! Really fun pics! Love you guys!

  4. Hey that's the Perrine Bridge! It's a world-famous BASE jumping spot. Supposedly it's the tallest man-made structure you can jump off without a permit in the U.S. Nice pics Ma!

  5. So glad you're got this blog so we can keep us with your adventures!

  6. Looks so fun. I love following along!