Monday, June 23, 2014

Ontario, OR to Boise, ID

"You say potato, I say potah-to. You say tomato, I say tomah-to."----Fred Astaire

We're in Idaho! We have bagged our first state and brought Oregon to it's knees! Ok, well...not exactly it's knees. But we are in Idaho. So I'm partly right.

Today was awesome. No rain. No climbing. Only 63 miles. A really great ride. We pedaled by pastures, and fields of potatoes, and alfalfa, just about like being home and heading out towards West Mountain on one of my regular rides. Also, it's nice to be in a state that touches Utah and feels familiar. Today's pics:

Typical morning scene waiting to load our luggage in the van.

These folks are my heroes.
Each of these guys is 70-something. The oldest is 77.
The gal will be 69 this fall.
Aren't they awesome?!

See ya Oregon.

Entering Idaho with some of our new pals.

Somehow this makes me think of homemade bread and cobbler.
Ranch wife cooking, maybe?

Boise, Idaho
Capitol Building

We feel a little like pioneers arriving at an Outpost.
We have made it to a city where we can replenish supplies for our trek.
We were advised to have a spare tire, bike chain, and brake pads to change out later.
Also, I am tired of having the water and mud from my back tire flip up and soak my
behind and the back of my jacket. I got so filthy the days I rode in the rain, 
so I bought a clip on fender. They tell us to expect rain in Minnesota.

In the lobby of our Boise hotel.

Official rest day tomorrow.


  1. Only 63 miles? I get worn out riding in a car that far.

  2. Went to the KISS last night and 2 of them are in their 60s. Old people can rock and roll all night and party every day !