Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pocatello, ID to Idaho Falls, ID

"I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday."----LDS Primary Kids Everywhere

Everybody else headed for "I.F." as Mike keeps calling Idaho Falls at 7:45am this morning. We, once again, checked Nellie and Ute (our beloved bikes) onto the van, so we could go to church. We walked about a half-mile from our Best Western motel to the Highland 7th Ward---early services started at 8:30am. We were about the only ones sitting in the chapel when we first got there (we were way early) when a mom with three cute kids walked in, seated the kids, then wandered over to us to see if we were new or visiting. We told her our story----42 riders, 50 days, 80 miles average per day, 3 vans, etc---and that we had skipped riding to go to church. Just like that she offered to take us to the bus stop so the shuttle could pick us up. Just like that! I'm amazed at her kindness and trust.

We spotted a friendly steeple.

Thanks Brett and Skyler for the ride.
You guys are awesome!
And good luck with your marathon training, Brett.

The cyclists who chose to ride today flew with the wind again.

Idaho Falls Temple in a spectacular setting.
I love to see the temple, too!

Tomorrow is a big day. Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming. 90 miles. 5500' climbing.
Lots of miles. Lots of mountain. At rap tonight we were given the following advice: Stay in your comfort zone. Climb a mile at a time. Descend a mile at a time. Stop on the way up AND on the way down. Keep your speed under control. Hydrate.

Alrighty then.


  1. It was nice to meet you. Good luck on your Adventure!!!!

  2. Oh I love the ride to Jackson. I should've told you earlier but I didn't know you were going there. My family and I always stopped in Sun Valley on the way to Jackson to get square ice cream at the gas station there. Maybe you saw signs for it and had some! Did you go over the pass or past palisades dam? Either way, BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Can't wait to see you photos of the Tetons! GO Les and Mike!! You are AWESOME!