Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Hunt Valley, Maryland

Stats for today's ride: 67 miles, 4,625' of climbing. This ride had me freaked out before it even started. Our leader, Shane, has been rating each day's ride at our meeting each night when we go over the next day's plan. Yesterday's ride rated a 9 out of 10. Others have been 6.5 or 7. All have been hard. Last night he told us today's ride was rated a full 10. Yikes. How could that be? How could the rides be any harder? Well, today we found out. Just add in several steep climbs. Or add in a bunch of moderate climbs alternating with hard climbs. And just for good measure add a climb equivalent to Woodland Hills Drive (a very steep road by my house.)

So I was freaked out before it began. Before we woke up to rain. Ok, now it's a 10.5. There are no photos of any of the climbs, because well....I was just trying to drag myself up the hills. Just take my word for it. They were tough. And wet.

When I wasn't gasping for air or wringing out my gloves I snapped a few photos. Just a few miles into the ride we crossed the Susquehanna River at the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge.

St. Luke's Cemetery 1772-1946---- somewhere in Southern Pennsylvania.

 The gang at the Pennsylvania-Maryland border.


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging during this! It sounds like an amazing (and hard) trip! I'm so impressed with your athletic ability! Seriously. Way to go QM :) I'll be checking your blog daily (and so will Tay).

  2. Les- you're doing awesome! You're quite the photographer too. My favorite is the washline picture.
    miss you-Rhonda