Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ride the East 2010

Mike and I just completed day seven of the Ride the East Tour with America by Bicycle. We are riding 1,675 miles from Maine to Florida over 25 days. There are ten riders and four support people who are taking great care of us. A typical day consists of an early breakfast, then we're in our saddles from roughly 7am until about 2:30-5:00pm depending on how many miles, how big the hills are, and how many times I get distracted to go check out something cool. Also, mixed in are two SAG stops (Supplies and Gear, or the term I prefer Snacks and Gabbing.)

Today's ride was from Pottstown, Pennsylvania to Lancaster, Pennsylvania-- 64 miles, 4,275 feet of climbing.

The regular road was closed, so we had to take a detour on a dirt road through the forest. Steve from Chicago used his GPS to save the day.

A very nice couple who gave us directions.

Very high laundry on a pulley attached to the house.

More Pennsylvania farmland. I love the silos. Somehow they are very peaceful to me.

I was having problems with my computer, but I think now they're fixed. Another rider is also posting photos. He's done a great job. Go here and search Carl Groch.


  1. What an adventure - you two are amazing!!! Have a fun and safe trip.

  2. Have I ever told you how cool you are. I guess I'll just live my life vicariously through you. It's better than nothing. Gorgeous scenery.