Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two flats, a broken rib, and pie

Day 11
Washington, D.C. to Fredericksburg, Virginia
91 miles, 3850' climbing

We rode out of D.C. via the bike trails. Such a great trail system. It's amazing how much wooded area there is so close to the city. Lots of commuters on bikes heading in to work. Kind of a bicycle rush hour.

J.B., Mike and I

Me racing George Washington and his horse. I am winning.
Hey, look! Virginia is welcoming us. What nice people.
Carl had a front tire blow out at about mile 37. Luckily he was going slowly uphill when it happened. He said even so it was hard to control his bike. It looked almost like a surgical incision across his tire. There's been a lot of debris on the road lately, including broken glass. We called the SAG van and he replaced his tire only to have another blow out a few miles later on his rear tire.

The first of two blow-outs
The best part of the day---eating "Mom's" pie
Also, we got news today after Steve was x-rayed that he actually has a broken rib from his fall the other day. He's got a prescription for Vicodan, so the way he sees it he's good to go.


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  2. Have I told you yet how excited I am that you are blogging about your trip? Well, I am. In fact, I think I am more excited about this than I was about the Tour de France. I think I will call this the Tour de Dicou. I wonder who will win...