Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're Officially in the South

Day 12
Fredericksburg, Virginia to Mechanicsville, Virginia
74 miles, 2350' climbing---the least yet!

We rode through the Fredericksburg Civil War Battle Ground today. A hallowed place, many deaths there. It's hard to imagine Americans killing each other amongst the peaceful trees. I couldn't help but think of my great-great-great grandmother who lost two sons because of the Civil War.

Fredericksburg Civil War Battle Ground

Mike picked up some kind of wicked nail and scored the first flat of the day. I want it to be some old Civil War relic, but I'm told that couldn't be possible because it would be all rusted away by now. He needed not only a new tube but a new tire, as well.
The culprit
Eating has taken on a weird dimension. I now eat to fuel my body, while I normally eat more for pleasure. We stop at the SAG stops to keep our bodies going, not because I'm actually hungry. I keep finding myself craving cheesecake during the day as we're riding---usually I crave a hamburger.
A typical SAG stop. The table is loaded with granola bars, bananas,  pears, apple slices, pretzels, fig newtons, fritos, oreos, peanuts, dried fruit mix, crackers, and ice cold water. We're always happy to see the van.
Gotta love the silos.

One of the last towns of the day was called Studley. We couldn't pass up that Kodak moment. Get serious.
John, Me, Carl, Mary Kay, Mike, and J.B. at the gun show.

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  1. i love internet. i feel like i'm biking with you. aaron and i started planning our own trip the other night to do the same. i told him it will be 25 years. i am (and our kids are) worth the wait, right?