Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lusk, WY to Hot Springs, SD

"The long and winding road..."---Paul McCartney

Sunday. 93 miles, but we didn't ride.

Lusk actually has a branch (a small congregation) that we could have attended, but we couldn't find anyone to drive us to Hot Springs, South Dakota 93 miles away to join the rest of the group. No taxis (the town only has 1500 people). Not even a greyhound bus. We briefly considered hitchhiking, but my mom's words from the 70's echoed in my head. I was sure we'd be picked up by an axe murderer and thrown into a ditch somewhere along the border of Wyoming and South Dakota.

We decided our Plan B would be to ride in one of the vans and do our best to help our fellow riders. It turned out to be a great time, and I think the other cyclists liked it, too. Mike and I (along with ABB staff member Pam) lined up together and clapped and cheered as riders would come by. I have to say we did a pretty cool three-person-wave, too. We wrote "Welcome to South Dakota, you're awesome!" in pink chalk at the state line; and gave out orange push-up creamsicles at the 2nd SAG.

It wasn't our usual kind of Sunday, but I felt good about Plan B.

Morning as we left Lusk.

Waiting for riders to come by.

Here comes Patty,

and Cecil, and Russell,

and a whole pace line.

Sometimes we had a little spare time.

This is a good sign when they point in the direction you're going.
(Today they were).

Still not tons to see.

Leaving Wyoming.

Entering South Dakota.

We got photo-bombed.
Pretty sure Pam is thinking ABB doesn't pay her enough.

Next ride includes Mt. Rushmore. I'm excited. We took the kids there one summer when we lived in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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  1. Glad you're back! I was missing you're daily blogs.those are the kind of roads that require you to have the score from every musical you've ever been to memorized. You're almost to Minnesota!