Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mt. Pleasant, MI to Birch Run, MI 74 Miles

"Ain't it good to know you've got a friend?"---Carole King

At this point in the ride, most of us have settled into small groups of riding buddies. We don't ride with the same people every day, but definite friendships have formed. Here are some of our pals:

Mike, John (he just joined the tour), Dave, and Doug

Our first SAG was at the Reeves' Farm. About 12 years ago one of the ABB leaders stopped by the farm to photograph a tractor in the front yard. A friendship developed with the owners and we now have an actual home as a SAG stop. Mrs. Reeves even opened up her place so we could use her bathrooms. It's hard to explain, but it is so much nicer than the usual convenience store or park. Maybe it's like having a SAG at your mom's house. Yeah. I think that's it.

Me, Mrs. Reeves, Arohanui, and Patty (more pals)

On Mrs. Reeves' porch.

 Just pulling in to Birch Run, Michigan

This heart was waiting for us at the bike washing station.

Wall decor at dinner.
Do you know what Mr. Buffalo said when his
kid went away to college?
Bye, son.
Get it? Bi-son. Bison.
Yeah, when they told us at rap we groaned, too.

The warthog liked the joke.

So I try to be adventurous and try local cuisine when we travel. I'm usually good for trying anything once. Tonight I tried the Blueberry Walleye. It really was this color. Maybe a little bluer. Put me down for "once" on that one.

I'm a few days behind on these posts. The next will be 90 miles to Port Huron, Michigan.


  1. Shuffle off to Buffalo! What do you call a single buffalo? Buffalonely !
    Spare me the trout recipe! or walleye! XOXO

  2. Glad to hear from you again. With no posts for more than a week I was getting worried that something bad had happened.