Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mitchell, SD to Sioux, SD 73 miles

"Don't worry. Be happy."---Bobby McFerrin

Another very pleasant, pretty easy day considering we rode over 70 miles. The forecast this morning was 40% chance of rain. The clouds looked ominous and I was reminded of our ride around Lake Michigan in 2011. That trip we watched the lightning streak across the sky while standing under the patio of the motel. After a couple hours we gave up and piled into the van to ride to the next town. However, today on the weather channel the doppler showed storms to the north of us and storms to the south, but basically a storm-free path leading to Sioux Falls.

And it worked out! We were spat on a little but we didn't even need to pull out our rain coats.

The high point of the day was watching the kiddie tractor pull in the town of Canistota. We watched lots of little boys and one brave, little girl compete. It's a three-day festival with other events and even a parade. Too bad we didn't have time to experience more of it.

Morning luggage load.

I love when the road ahead looks like
a strand of ribbon.

The object was to pedal as long as you could,
but the farther you went the more drag you created
until you couldn't pedal anymore.
They measured how far you were able to move 
the tractor.

A mom encouraging her favorite contestant.
C'mon buddy!

These spectators were visiting from Indiana.

Getting ready for the parade.

Leaving Canistota.

Another high point of the day.
An impromptu SAG.

Tomorrow everybody gets a much needed Sunday off in Sioux Falls.

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