Friday, July 11, 2014

Wall, SD to Pierre, SD 117 miles!

"Primary children sang as they rode, and rode, and rode."---Fine, I just made that up.

Well, we weren't singing. This was a very hard day. Another century-plus. 8-1/2 hours in the saddle. Head winds the entire day. Plus, as soon as we crossed the Missouri River we changed time zones and lost an hour. An already long day was immediately made even longer. Some people went to work, came home, and started dinner in the time it took us to ride 117 miles. All the while, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling into the wind.

The day started with these fluffy, luminescent clouds.

Not much variation in stuff to see.
Although, quite lovely.

Can you see the heat waves reaching up from the asphalt?

This may or may not have been taken while I was riding.
Don't tell.

The last SAG was at a lovely pond with skinny cat tails on the shore.
I fantasized about taking a flying leap into the water,
but then I'd have soggy pants for the last 34-miles which would
only mean more chaffing in already sore places.
It was hard to leave.

Mike pulled Rebecca and me the last 34-miles into a head wind. Very, very difficult and I was behind Mike who was taking the full force of the wind. Kind of a death march in. Mike wins a gigantic trophy today.


  1. Pioneer appropriate you are probably by the Pioneer trail ! We are praying for our Courageous Pioneers!

  2. Pioneer children singing as they ride, eh? Please don't tell me you're ALSO pulling a handcart behind that bike of yours. We miss you! Let's eat a steak dinner when you get back. We'll need to put some meat on your bones post haste. Keep being safe. We love ya & are proud, Nat & Nikki