Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pierre, SD to Chamberlain, SD 84 miles

"Do as I'm doing. Follow, follow me. Do as I'm doing. Follow, follow me."---fidgety Primary kids at church...and Mike most days on this ride

Pierre to Chamberlain. First, it's not pronounced "Pee-air" like I learned in elementary school when we memorized the state capitals. Around here they say "Peer". Today's ride was tough. I started the day not feeling strong and wondering if I had it in me to do 84 miles today after yesterday's grueling 117-miler. I kept battling in my mind whether to get in the van or just stay on my bike. I wasn't particularly out of breath, just tired. Tired of riding my brains out everyday. Day after day after day.  It's cumulative exhaustion, both physical and mental.

More headwinds today. Doug Waltermire  and Dave Goltermann (members of the scavenger hunt dream team) joined Mike and I on our pain train. The three guys took turns pulling into the wind while I just hung out in the back like I was Lance Armstrong. It made Mike's life a lot easier, too. We hit the half-way point of crossing America at our first SAG.

We had three big climbs today. The last came with just a few miles to go. I was so DONE. I was sick of  "doing hard things". I was sick of trying to "suck it up, buttercup" like my necklace says. I decided to walk a little while. It was just way too slow and was only extending my misery, so I got back on my bike. Just glad to have the day over.

We play a game at dinner sometimes at night. It's called High Point/Low Point. Today my High Point was seeing the Best Western Motel in Chamberlain; my low point was leaving the Governors Inn in Pierre.

Tomorrow hopefully will be better.


  1. Congrats on making the half-way point! I'm sure there are some tailwinds with your name on it coming soon.

  2. Oh my gosh 1/2 way. I bet on hard days,which is every day, you can hum I'm getting closer.

  3. I'm talking to the big weather guy upstairs for yippee I a tailwinds. Pedal on....

  4. I saw a t-shirt with "suck it up buttercup" on it too. Maybe a cross country trip requires both to complete your ensemble. The good thing about having a really hard day is that now it's over and the cycling gods now owe you a really good day. Just remember you are doing an amazing thing and I'm still convinced you can do anything! Miss you!

  5. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Grandpa Yo...would rather watch the soccer games.