Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD Day Off!

"Welcome, welcome Sabbath morning; Now we rest from every care."---LDS Hymn #280

Everybody has the day off to rest here in Sioux Falls, so we didn't have to find a special ride to the next town. We searched and found a meetinghouse only 1.4 miles away---29 minutes by foot it said. After a quick breakfast, we started walking.

With probably a half-mile to go we began seeing men in white shirts driving by. Our peeps! We knew we were getting close, plus it was starting to get hot. I stuck out my thumb. Jeff and Marie of the Sioux Falls 1st Ward picked us up right away. Jeff is finishing nursing school. Marie is a speech pathologist.

Ha! I'm counting this as our second time hitchhiking to church. (The first time was in Maryland on a different bike trip). They even offered to drive us back to the Comfort Suites Inn after church.

Thanks Jeff and Marie!
You're awesome.

Back on the road tomorrow with a new state looming in the distance. Minnesota, here we come!


  1. Say hello to Minnesota for me. I hope the state is good to you!

  2. Just keep peddling, sis! You can do this! Love ya, Shelle