Thursday, July 17, 2014

Worthington, MN to Mankato, MN 112 miles

"We are all enlisted til the conflict is o'er".---LDS Hymn #250

112 miles. Good grief. We went into survival tactics. Mike organized a small group of us (Dan, Jay, Drew, Mike and me) into a paceline. At first we took 3-minute pulls, but during the worst headwind parts we took 1-minute pulls. It worked really well to get us through the day---physically, but also mentally, too. It was a good diversion and made the time go by more quickly. Even so, it was exhausting.

This may have been the hardest day yet. Maybe not. Comparing the days, the 120-miler was not only grueling, but boiling. At least today was not boiling, but I feel wind blown/wind burnt, and my lips feel fried.

The day ended on the beautiful and shady Red Jacket Trail in the town of Mankato---a great addition to this town.

Today's pics:

We were curious if we are losing weight.
So we chipped in to buy a scale.
Here, Gary checks his weight.
I'm not gettin' on that thing.

Clouds and silos.

A SAG asphalt picnic.

Along the Red Jacket Trail.

More Red Jacket Trail.

I love riding my bike through tunnels.
More Red Jacket Trail.
This is the famous Cecil again.

I didn't take very many pics today. Just tried to get through it. Next up: 104 miles to Rochester---back to back centuries. Yikes.

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  1. How in the heck? I stand all amazed is my title of song for you. It's about time for a 110 mile tailwind.